Writing is a primary means of expression, both for personal cognitive purposes and for communicating meaning with others.  Our aim is to develop in our children the ability to communicate their ideas fluently and accurately through both orally and through their writing.

All year groups follow the Read to Write units, which provide consistency and the opportunity for high-quality teaching of writing through children’s high-quality literature (Vehicle Texts). The units of work centre on engaging, vocabulary-rich texts, with a wealth of writing opportunities.

Each class produces 12 pieces of extended writing a year following the process of immerse, analyse, plan and write. All 12 pieces of work are published and displayed across school to celebrate the high standard of writing. In addition to the 12 extended pieces of writing the children have numerous opportunities to do incidental writes linking to their vehicle text.

The expectation of writing in all areas from spelling, grammar, handwriting and content is high in all units of Read to Write.

Click on the links below to see each year group’s progression document in writing.


Weekly spelling lists are set on Spelling Shed for each year group each week. Spelling Shed provides the full National Curriculum coverage of spellings for every year group. It also allows for differentiation of spellings if children are working at different points.

Spelling activities and quizzes are completed each week following the teaching of these spelling rules/patterns.

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