My name is Mrs Okoli and I am the Family Well-being coordinator.  My role within school is to support both children and their families with their mental health and well-being, ensuring children feel safe and ready to learn.

Well-being is important at St. Luke’s RC Primary School because we have an essential role to play in supporting children to make healthy lifestyle choices and understand the effects of their choices on their health and well-being.

The Hub is a welcoming environment where children at school can feel supported and safe through access to meaningful activities e.g. Emotions workshops, social/friendship workshops, transition work for high school…

  • Emotional well-being – is the ability to be resilient, manage one’s emotions and generate emotions that lead to good feelings.
  • Physical well-being – is the ability to improve the functioning of one’s body through healthy eating and good exercise habits.
  • Social well-being – is the ability to communicate, develop meaningful relationships with others and create one’s own emotional support network.

If you need any help I will be on the school playground, or alternatively you can contact the office.

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