As part of our programme on personal, social and spiritual education, your child will be taking part in a number of lessons which will cover how we change as we grow up and how we show love in different types of relationships. The programme we will use is called ‘A Journey In Love’ and has been approved by the Archdiocese.

‘A Journey in Love’ is a resource created by Sister Jude Groden. It is the recommended programme of study for Catholic schools for Sex and Relationship Education, and has been written as a progressive scheme of work that supports the Religious Education, PSHE and Science curricula taught within the school.

As children progress through school, they discover more and more about themselves and the wider world. We strive to create a safe, stimulating environment for learning, supporting all children in their development, and follow the Gospel values of truth and respect, understanding our journey as children of God, both special and unique.

Central to our work within the school is learning about our faith, including understanding ourselves, our position in our community and how we develop as human beings – our spiritual, social, emotional and physical development. This is how A Journey in Love fits in to the school’s curriculum. It focuses on friendship, family, community, relationships and spirituality; a guide to the children’s development as young Catholics.

The content is age appropriate and is taught with sensitivity, taking into account the children’s level of maturity in regard to the delivery of the lessons. As with all aspects of learning, children are naturally curious and many will have questions related to their lessons. Opportunities to discuss questions form part of the lessons and, again, these are treated with care and understanding.

In each Year group, an aspect of love is explored and developed.  Pupils are encouraged to marvel at the wonder and beauty of God’s creative love reflected in each person under the components: physical, intellectual, social emotional and spiritual. Each of the sections have suggested progressive/developmental tasks/activities/reflections.

Nursery: Wonder at God’s love.
Reception: God loves each of us in our uniqueness.
Year 1: We meet God’s love in our family.
Year 2:  We meet God’s love in the community.
Year 3: How we live in God’s love.
Year 4: God loves us in our differences.
Year 5: God loves me in my changing and development.
Year 6: The wonder of God’s love in creating new life.

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