Religious Education


Saint Luke’s is first and foremost a Catholic school and at the heart of all we are and do we aim to reflect the Gospel values. Our school is a place where we aim to put God at the forefront of the way we act and think and this shapes the ethos and the expectations we have of each other.

Our school is growing, but we aim to retain its family feel and our close links with our Church and parish. We aim to be a welcoming and exciting place to learn.

Prayers, worship, faith understanding and a desire to be the best and do the best we can in order to help others and make God proud are guiding lights in the way that we aim to make the best use of the time we spend together as the people of Saint Luke’s.

We have close links with the parish and our church. Masses punctuate our school’s year. Some are school Masses, but many are where we join with the wider community of parishioners and these punctuate the school year are an important way of getting to know, hear and feel the love of God.

Our school uses the Come and See scheme as the backbone of what we teach for curriculum RE. This a scheme recommended by the Diocese of Salford and is scripture based and is linked beautifully to the Liturgical seasons and celebrations of the church year. All teachers embrace the Catholic nature and identity of the school and we all teach from the heart informed by the structure and requirements outlined by Come and See and other church directives. The topic overview of the scheme is as follows:-

Early YearsYear OneYear TwoYear ThreeYear FourYear FiveYear Six
WelcomeBelongingSigns & SymbolsPromisesCalledLife choicesVocation Commitment
CelebratingSpecials PeopleBooksJourneysCommunityMissionSources
GatheringMealsThanksgivingListening & SharingGiving & ReceivingMemorial SacrificeUnity
GrowingChangeOpportunitiesGiving AllSelf-DisciplineSacrificeDeath & New Life
Good NewsHolidays & Holy DaysSpreading The WordEnergyNew LifeTransformationWitnesses
FriendsBeing SorryRulesChoicesBuilding BridgesFreedom & ResponsibilityHealing
Our WorldNeighboursTreasuresSpecial PlacesGod's PeopleStewardshipCommon Good
HanukkahAbraham & MosesShabbatSynagogueTorahPassoverRosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur

Welcome, Word, Worship, Welfare and Witness are the 5Ws that shape what we do in RE and beyond.

Our school is a friendly welcoming place where we aim to make all those who walk through our doors and stay a while feel wanted and valued.

The Word of God is at the heart of what we aim to be and strive to do. It is on our walls, heard in classes and assemblies and thought and reflected on as a natural and regular part of what we do. It is a key component of the Come and See scheme and is the inspiration and motivation for much reflection and action.

Worship is how we connect with God. This happens in classes, in assemblies and when we go to celebrate Mass in church. Children take an active part in the preparation and presentation of prayers, in the reading and the singing that makes school worship an active and vibrant part of school life. They write and lead prayers for a wide range of situations and their words are always powerful and poignant.

Welfare is about looking after the physical, intellectual and the spiritual needs of all those in school. A varied and stimulating curriculum is delivered by people who care about the welfare and progress of those who come to our school.

Witness is all about how we put our faith into practice and reach out to those who might need our help and Caritas is the vehicle for Christian action which drives this need to be as good as the words we speak and the hands which help those who need our support. We collect for a range of organisations including CAFOD, Macmillan and Cornerstone. Each of these organisations are very close to our hearts and this is reflected in the generosity of response we get when we put out the call for help from those in our school’s community.

Moving forward, we aim to continue to promote all of the above as key facets of who and what we are. RE and the chance to explore faith is all encompassing and not restricted to just class lessons. We aim to develop prayer spaces outside of the classes and to continue to forge links with the likes of Cornerstone especially.

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