This week in Reception we have been learning about how to keep our minds healthy. World Mental Health Day focused on being brave so we thought about times when we have each had to be brave. This lead us onto thinking about what we could do when we are not feeling so brave. Here are our top tips:

Get outside and enjoy nature! In Reception we love being outdoors and this week we did phonics outside and agreed that it made us feel great. Who doesn’t like to write their name in frost? 

Sing, or listen to your favourite song! We can’t stop singing in Reception and we all said that we felt on top of the world after a good old rendition of the Okey Cokey this morning…

Think about the things you are good at! We spent time thinking about what we could do well and agreed that we felt much happier afterwards. The children in Reception are a talented bunch and really enjoyed telling each other all about their unique gifts… drumming, dancing, cooking, singing, exploring and story writing to name a few!


Relax and breathe! At the end of the day we sat with our legs crossed and our eyes closed whilst listening to a guided meditation, helping us to relax. We’re not convinced that everyone fully participated but we did feel more relaxed afterwards!

We hope you have found our top tips helpful. Please do give us some feedback. The children would love to hear how you get on using them whenever you are not feeling your happy, smiley self!

Until next time…

The Reception Team

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