What is Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE) Education?

PSHE education is a planned programme that supports and enhances the learning and development of children and young people. The programme allows children to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives, now and in the future.

At St Luke’s RC Primary School we want all children to successfully develop the qualities, skills and attributes they need to thrive as happy children and pupils, well-rounded individuals and family members, and members of society.  Our Come and See, Journey in Love and PSHE programmes play a vital role in supporting positive development. We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and free from discrimination and bullying. Therefore Anti-Bullying themes and activities are embedded and  developed across the curriculum. Teachers plan activities to promote diversity and equality.

PSHE prepares our children to manage many of the most important and critical opportunities they will face growing up. They learn how to deal with life challenges, face difficulties head on and become responsible for their actions and behaviour in such a rapidly challenging and changing time. PSHE helps children to apply the knowledge and understanding they learn in all subjects to practical, real-life situations while helping them to feel safe and secure enough to fulfil their academic potential.

P.S.H.E. and Citizenship help to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead a confident, healthy independent life and become informed, active, responsible citizens.

This will be achieved through the:
·         Aims of the School.
·         Pastoral Care and Support within school.
·         The whole curriculum.
·         Religious Education, “Come and See” Scheme of work.
·         P.S.H.E Association and Journey in Love Programmes of study
·         Circle time.

P.S.H.E. Programme of Study.

At St Luke’s RC Primary School, we use the guidance material from the PSHE Association Scheme of Work. This covers three core themes across the year (one per term) and the core themes are divided into three topic areas as follows:

Core Theme 1:

Health and Wellbeing

Core Theme 2:


Core Theme 3:

Living in the Wider World


Topic areas:

Healthy lifestyles

Keeping safe

Growing and changing


Topic areas:

Healthy relationships

Feeling and emotions

Valuing difference


Topic areas:

Rights and responsibilities

Taking care of the environment

Money matters

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