At St Luke’s R.C. Primary School we help your child to read and write using phonics, by developing their understanding that spoken words are made up of different sounds. Your child will take part in a high-quality phonics session every day. These sessions are active and fun-filled with an emphasis on teaching the skills your child will need for reading and writing. The programme that we use to help us to plan and teach high quality phonics sessions is called Letters and Sounds. This is a Government recommended scheme.

What is phonics?

Phonics helps children to read words that are made up from small units of sound called phonemes. Phonics teaches children to be able to listen carefully and identify the phonemes that make up each word. This helps children to learn to read words and to spell words.

In phonics lessons children are taught three main things:


They are taught GPCs. This stands for grapheme phoneme correspondences. This simply means that they are taught all the phonemes in the English language and ways of writing them down. These sounds are taught in a particular order. The first sounds to be taught are s, a, t, p.


Children are taught to be able to blend. This is when children say the sounds that make up a word and are able to merge the sounds together until they can hear what the word is. This skill is vital in learning to read.


Children are also taught to segment. This is the opposite of blending. Children are able to say a word and then break it up into the phonemes that make it up. This skill is vital in being able to spell words.

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