Hello again everyone!

We have loved having all of your fantastic observations from home, and yet again, we are very impressed with what you have been getting up to! Here are some photos from this week from our lovely EYFS 2 children. If you would like to send in observations of your child at home, please reply to the email sent by us on 2simple. Thank you so much!

Week Commencing 5th April 2020

Writing sentences independently

Busy doing jigsaw puzzles

Painting a rainbow for my window at home

Watching Phase 3 ‘Phonics Live’, and doing the follow up worksheets

Please keep on sending in your observations. It is lovely to see what you have all been getting up to.

Miss you all, and see you soon!
Miss Lynch, Mrs Tomkins and Mrs Delves x

Hello EYFS 2!
We hope you are keeping well and safe at home. It has been lovely to see all of the lovely activities that you have been getting up to with your families. The learning taking place is fantastic! Please feel free to keep sending in the observations of your child, and you can do this by replying to the email sent by us on 2Simple- 2Buildaprofile.
Here are some of the fantastic things you have been getting up to… Week Commencing 29th March 2020

Measuring out ingredients to make chocolate cakes

Watching ‘Phonics Live’ (Phase 3 sounds)

Adding up the fruit amounts and writing the numeral to match

Reading our favourite stories

Practising writing words (some tricky words, too!)

Planting and growing


See you all very soon!
Miss Lynch, Mrs Tomkins and Mrs Delves x


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