-From Our Lady of Hope Parish

St Teresa of Calcutta famously spoke of the “five fingered Gospel” where she would slowly repeat the 5 words of Jesus from Matthew 25:40 while touching the tips of her five fingers, “you did it to me.” Jesus reminds us that in loving those most in need, we are loving Him. In response to needs in our parish, school and wider community, we would like to create a “Helping Hand Fund”. There are families in our community who struggle to ensure their children have adequate school uniform, the tools they need for study and good nutritious food to eat in order to develop and thrive. As a caring Christian community we want to have an effective means to help them and we hope this fund will play its part.

The fund will be administered by a small committee of parishioners with links to the SVP and local charities so that, after some initial assistance, families can be referred for more sustainable help and accompaniment. The parish committee will be informed, anonymously, by a school committee made up of members of our school staff who know our families well. The fund is also intended to be available to help those referred by other sources as they come in. 

If you would like to donate to the fund to help us get started, please place a donation in an envelope to the parish clearly labelled “Helping Hand Fund”. If you would like to make a regular contribution by standing order or other means please contact us by email, priests@ourladyofhope.org.uk or phone 0161 736 2696.

Thank you.


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