It’s started! A Great Science Share like no other… greater than ever!


Dear families and pupils,
This year, we were excited to be taken part in the ‘Great Science Share 2020’ on the 16th June. Due to covid-19, the collaborative event has been cancelled, however the science share is still going ahead remotely, and I would love the children of St Luke’s and their families to take part. It is all about creating excitement and interest in Science, to help children understand how it impacts all of our lives.
How to get involved:
1) Weekly Themes will go live from Monday 4th May 2020 for you to explore.  Follow this link to find this week’s theme – it’s all about birds and beaks.
2) Great Science Groove-along is a creative way to share science. Out for release w/o 4th May, you have until 4th June to create a short film of yourself or your family sharing science through movement and song and upload it.
3) Extra resources provide great ways to investigate and explore the weekly themes a bit more. There’s lots online. It’s up to you how much you do!
4) 16th June 2020 Great Science Share – a great day for young people to share science they love – it can be something they’ve done before in school or at home, something they’ve watched or something new they do on the day!
Now share it!
Share your science – your favourite questions and any investigations to feature on the 2020 Great Science Share gallery, using the GSS Upload, Twitter @GreatSciShare or Facebook @GreatSciShare4Schools**
It would be great if you could put anything that you do on your class blog too.

I really hope you decide to take part in some way. I will post details / links to latest themes on the ‘Latest News’ on the school website.
Have fun and let’s love science!
Miss Simpson
(Science coordinator)

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