St Luke’s RC Primary School Salford – Structure and Remit of Governing Body 

Chair of Governors – Mr Andrew Moran
Vice Chair of Governors – Mr Stephen McManamon

Foundation Governors

Canon Michael Cooke
Mr Andrew Moran
Father Mark Paver
Mr Stephen McManamon
Mrs Christine Thompson
Mr Peter McNamara

1 Vacancy

LA Governor

Cllr Neil Reynolds

Parent Governors

Mrs Ceri Tohill
Mrs Gemma Beckley

Staff Governor

Mrs Nichola Bullough

Head Teacher

Mrs Clare Kerrane

Voting Rights

All of our current governors have voting rights.

These committees meet at least once each term. St. Luke’s Governing Board consists of:

Local Authority Governor:  appointed by the LA

Parent Governors:  2 parents are elected by other parents at school

Foundation Governors: 5 governors are appointed by the Diocese. These governors represent the views of the Bishop.

Staff Governors:  One governor is elected by the school staff.

The Headteacher is also a governor.

We currently have 1 foundation governor vacancies. Canon Michael is currently looking to appoint.

The standard term of office for a governor is four years. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.

The Chair of Governors is Mr Andrew Moran who can be contacted via the school office.


School EffectivenessFabric and Finance
S McManamon - Chair (FG)A Moran - Chair (FG)
C Kerrane (HT)C Kerrane (HT)
N Bullough (SG)N Bullough (SG)
Canon M Cooke (FG)G Beckley (PG)
C Thompson (FG)Fr Mark Paver (FG)
C Tohill (PG)Vacancy (FG)
N Reynolds (LAG)

Ad Hoc Committees

Discipline DismissalComplaintsDiscipline AppealsHeadteacher’s Performance ManagementPupil Discipline
S McManamon - Chair (FG)A Moran - Chair (FG)A Moran - Chair (FG)A Moran - Chair (FG)A Moran - Chair (FG)
C Kerrane (HT)Canon M Cooke (FG)G Beckley (PG)Fr M Paver (FG)G Beckley (SG)
Canon M Cooke (FG)S McManamon (FG)C Thompson (FG)C Tohill (PG)N Bullough (SG)
C Tohill (FG)N Reynolds (LAG)N Reynolds (LAG)N Reynolds (LAG)
Fr M Paver (FG)C Thompson (FG)Vacancy (FG)Vacancy (FG)

Sub-Committee Meetings Spring 2022

School Effectiveness -Tuesday 1st February - 5pm - In schoolFabric and Finance - Tuesday 8th February- 5pm - In school
C Kerrane (HT)C Kerrane (HT)
N Bullough (SG)N Bullough (SG)
Canon M Cooke (FG)Fr M Paver (FG)
S McManamon (FG)A Moran (FG)
C Tohill (PG)G Beckley (PG)
C Thompson (FG)
N Reynolds (LAG)

Sub-Committee Meetings Autumn 2021

School Effectiveness -Tuesday 9th November - 5pm - In schoolFabric and Finance - Tuesday 16th November - 5pm - In school
C Kerrane (HT)C Kerrane (HT)
N Bullough (SG)N Bullough (SG)
Canon M Cooke (FG)Fr M Paver (FG)
S McManamon (FG)A Moran (FG)
C Tohill (PG)J Scarsbrook (FG)
C Thompson (FG)G Beckley (PG)
N Reynolds (LAG)

Sub-Committee Meetings Summer 2021

School Effectiveness - 15th June - 5pm - Virtual MeetingFabric and Finance - 18th May - 5pm - In School
C Kerrane (HT)C Kerrane (HT)
N Bullough (SG)N Bullough (SG)
Canon M Cooke (FG)Fr M Paver (FG)
S McManamon (FG)A Moran (FG)
G Beckley (PG)Apologies - J Scarsbrook (FG)
C Tohill (PG) - technical issues prevented from joining
C Thompson (FG) - technical issues and joined at 5:20pm

Sub-Committee Meetings Spring 2021

School Effectiveness - 9th Feb 2021 - 5pm - Virtual MeetingFabric and Finance- 9th Feb 2021 - 6pm - Virtual Meeting
C Kerrane (HT)C Kerrane (HT)
N Bullough (SG)N Bullough (SG)
Canon M Cooke (FG)Fr. M Paver (FG)
C Tohill (PG)A Moran (FG)
S McManamon (FG)J Scarsbrook (FG)
N Reynolds (LAG)
C Thompson (FG)

Sub-Committee Meetings Autumn 2020

School Effectiveness - 13th October 2020 - 5pm - Virtual MeetingFabric and Finance - 13th October 2020 - 6pm - Virtual Meeting
C Kerrane (HT)C Kerrane (HT)
N Bullough (SG)N Bullough (SG)
Canon M Cooke (FG)Fr. M Paver (FG)
Cllr. N Reynolds (LAG)A Moran (FG)
C Tohill (PG)J Scarsbrook (FG)
S McManamon (FG)

Governor Statements

Andrew Moran

I have been a Foundation Governor at St Luke’s for over twenty years and was elected as the Chair of Governors, October 2019.  As part of my role as a foundation governor, I am committed to ensuring that the school’s Catholic character and ethos are maintained and promoted, so that the children receive the spiritual and moral development to help guide them in the outside world.

My association with St Luke’s started when my children attended as pupils and it was during this time that I was invited to act as a governor. I have recently retired from the NHS where I worked for over 35 years as a biomedical scientist in the field of immunology. My professional experience in the NHS has been invaluable in helping me dispense my duties as a school governor and many of the skills I have acquired in the NHS can be transferred to an educational setting. I have an immense passion for science and its promotion especially from an early age. I’m particularly keen to see an interest in science fostered in the youngest pupils in our schools so that they are able to have the opportunity to pursue a career in science later in their lives.

I find acting as a school governor is very rewarding. By working closely with the management team of the school, local authority and other governors you are able to help make a positive difference to the education and personal development of our children. I would encourage anyone interested in becoming a school governor to give it serious consideration. Governors can be from any background or profession; what’s important is that you want to help ensure the best possible educational standards are provided for the youngest in society.

It is a privilege and honour to act as a governor for St Luke’s. The school provides a caring and safe teaching environment for our children and it is my responsibility to make sure that this is maintained for all who enter its doors.

Stephen McManamon

I am a Foundation Governor and the Vice Chair of the Governing body at St Luke’s and I am committed to promoting and maintaining the school’s Catholic character and mission. I first became a governor at St Luke’s 33 years ago when my own children attended the school. I then moved away from the area with my family to work and live in Cumbria for 10 years where I was a Governor at our local Catholic primary and high schools before returning back to Salford.

I have now become involved with St Luke’s again as my granddaughter is now attending the school. It is a privilege to be working for and with the highly committed ‘family’ team of staff and governors to make St Luke’s a safe, caring and welcoming place for all our children.

Ceri Tohill

I have been a Parent Governor at St Luke’s RC Primary School since 2018. I am pleased to be part of the Governing Board and in supporting the dedicated staff at St Luke’s.

I am a mum of four wonderful children, two now at high school having gained a good foundation from St Luke’s to continue on their educational journey and two still happily thriving there. I have worked as a nurse in the NHS for nearly 20 years in various roles and currently work in children’s health and development. I have a keen interest in early years and ensuring all children are able to reach their full potential. I am committed to ensuring the school provide a safe and happy place for all children to learn, thrive and develop in becoming happy and confident individuals.

Fr Mark Paver

Fr Mark Paver is assistant priest in our Parish of Our Lady of Hope. He is very happy to support the school as a foundation governor.

Christine Thompson

My name is Mrs Christine Thompson. I was appointed foundation Governor for St. Luke’s in October 2020, I have been a member of St. Luke’s parish for 17 years and have had long established links with St Luke’s Primary School in my professional capacity as Senior TA within the SEN Department at St Ambrose Barlow High School. There I assisted the SENCO and SLT with transition arrangements for Year 6 pupils in general but for those with SEND, LAC status and those with social and emotional difficulties in particular.
My role as Senior TA covered many duties and responsibilities including supporting SEND pupils in the classroom, managing support timetables, writing and reviewing SEN documentation and policies, referring to and liaising with outside agencies and coordinating support, preparing materials for ‘Dyslexia Friendly Schools’ Status, EHCPs and Autism Learning Walks.
I thoroughly enjoyed my 16 years at St. Ambrose, helping SEND pupils to fulfil their potential, but decided to take retirement at the end of last year.
I am very much looking forward to continuing my association with St Luke’s Primary School as Foundation Governor. I feel proud to be involved with the school and privileged to serve and have a role in the school’s story and journey.

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