Eco Warriors

In 2015, Pope Francis wrote a letter to the world, entitled ‘Laudato Si’ and asked for everyone to protect the Earth and to care for our common home. In the letter he says, ‘The Earth is God’s gift to us, it is full of beauty and wonder and it belongs to everyone, but what we see today is that our common home has never been so hurt and mistreated.’


Bishop John Arnold, wrote his own letter in March 2019, reminding us to take action before matters become irreversible. Bishop John has asked the parishes and schools of Salford to take action and to heal the damage, mend our plant and to care for our common home.


St Luke’s are proud to pledge our efforts to assist Pope Francis and Bishop John to begin to make the changes to protect our common home.

In our classes, we have selected 2 representatives to join our school Eco Warrior group. These children are our champions and will lead the change, but we will all be in this together. We have started our journey to become an ‘Eco School’ and have also made pledges to ‘Live Simply’.

To begin our school mission, our Eco Warriors completed an Environmental Review of our school and found three areas which they thought we needed to work on the most.

These areas are: Energy, Waste and Biodiversity.

For more information on our journey to becoming an Eco School, click here.

For more information on our mission to Live Simply, click here.

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